Nadasurf Powderboards

Full wood bindingless powsurfers Designed and Made in Finland

Nadasurf Powderboards were born out of desire to ride more freely compared to conventional snowboards with bindings. I started to develop boards for getting a surfy and more challenging way to ride powder especially in Finland, since the hills are relatively small. My dream was to design boards for having fun on snow even on a small hills that Southern Finland has to offer.

As a carpenter / designer / snowboarder i wanted to build full wood boards, using mainly domestic wood. With wood comes certain rules and behaviours which i want to test and explore what can be done with simple birch veneers. Added p-tex base and a purpose built grip pad and a leash to get the whole bindingless powsurfing experience.

Kosti Simula
Founder / CEO / Shaper

Collection 2018

The main idea on the board design is to give maximum control over the board with a concave and "gullwing" profile combined with Nadasurf Powderboards grip pad. By using strong profile on the board, we are able to build light, thin, strong and durable board using only wood and p-tex. Changing profile also changes board flex. 

All Nadasurf Powderboards models include a pad and a leash.


Nadasurf powderboards
Nadasurf powderboards
Nadasurf powderboardsSaturday, February 17th, 2018 at 1:29am
Fish boards are back in stock! 429e plus shipping. Kojamo model is also available. or DM to order & details. #nadasurfpowderboards #powsurf #snowsurfing #realpowdersurfing #notwithbindings #freeyourbind #fullwood #noboard #nobindings #bindingless #toyota #hiace #japow #🇫🇮 #snowboard #snowboarding #powder
Nadasurf powderboards
Nadasurf powderboardsSaturday, February 10th, 2018 at 5:06am
T-shirts. Assorted colors & sizes. Tag a friend who needs to rep! 20e + shipping. Dm or email #powsurf #yukiita #snowsurf #powdersurf #lumisurffi #putskulauta #handmadeinfinland #snowboard #bindingless #powderboard #snowsurfing


Nadasurf Powderboards
Kosti Simula
+358 400 90 1875

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